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Why 3D designing & 3D printing

One skill - many applications

3D designing teaches how objects work in the real world

Expand the design vocabulary

Opens New Possibilities for Learning 

open new career opportunities

Introducing kids to  Designing and
3D printing
for kids aged 9 - 15

Master the state of art technology &

real-world skills with TriHusLab's

30-day program


Why TriHusLab

Learn from design experts who make sure to identify and hone your kid's creativity.

Live social Interactive learning is the perfect way to bounce crazy ideas off each other.

Curriculum designed by industry experts and graduates from world-leading universities. 

We aid in identifying your kid's latent field interests.

How TriHusLab's program works

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Tool - Selfcad (Software license provided)

Batch Size - Only 7 students per batch

Duration - 2 hours of live class every weekend 

Content library - Access to unique prototype    modeling tutorial videos

Tutor support - Live tutor support during weekdays

certification & 3D printing

live & recorded tutorial learning

Submit  & receive your design 3D printed

Become a whiz kid by unleashing these milestones

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Kick start your kid's creative journey today

Explore TriHusLab student's projects