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  • Requirement from attendees
    •Every attendee to have a laptop or a desktop with a scroll mouse. •Must have created an account in SelfCAD before the class starts. Software license would be shared in the first class. •Good internet connection It is recommended to have a headphone with mic for better clarity ( optional )
  • Why should one learn 3D printing
    Analogical to how computer skills are basic skills, working with 3D Models will soon become a mandate skill required in various progressing professions, in the future.
  • Who will be teaching ?
    Highly qualified tutors from professional backgrounds. Tutors are from various backgrounds a few namely designers, mechanical engineers, electric engineers ,architects. The diverse nature of tutors enable an indepth discussion about the various applications in the various fields.
  • I want a 3d printed piece shipped to me
    Yes,as a part of the program we ship 3d printed pieces to students. (Weight of object subjected to chosen program)
  • Minimum and the recommended requirements to run SelfCAD without any problems
    Minimum: CPU: 2.5GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Modern Graphic Card Recommended: CPU: 3.0 GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Modern Graphic Card
  • Can I resubscribe to a course I completed to access the content library
    Yes, you can resubscribe to a course completed to access the content library
  • Can I purchase SELFCAD license separately?
    Yes, we provide SELFCAD license at a discounted price for our students
  • Can I get additional designs 3D printed?
    Yes, you can pay an additional amount and get your design 3D printed. Contact for more info
  • Do I need a 3D printer for this program?
    No, you wouldn't require a 3D printer for this program. We print the pieces, and ship it across to the students.
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