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Why is it better?

Our three-sided toothbrush is designed to suit all your smiles needs. This toothbrush is 30 years in the making, with only the highest quality materials and clinical trials to ensure its superiority, from gum health to plaque removal, your dental hygiene has never been more efficient.

Is this good for my gums?

Yes! Our three-sided toothbrush has been clinically proven to be "significantly better than the conventional leading brand toothbrush on gingivitis reduction" We also "demonstrated significantly less gingival irritation" when compared to a conventional and electric toothbrush! (Clin Dent 7: 106-109, 1996.)

Can I use it with braces?

Yes! In our 4-month assessment of "orthodontic patients" when compared to a conventional toothbrush, our patients had "significantly lower after-tooth-brushing plaque levels" in other words, your orthodontists will appreciate it! (J Clin Dent 8:95-99, 1997)

What are the bristles made of?

Our bristles are made from Ultralon plastic. Which is 200% softer than conventional Nylon bristled brushes, to protect your gums from damage while effectively removing plaque.

How do I brush my tongue?

Our toothbrush comes with a tongue scrubber located directly on the back of the brush, designed to effectively remove bacteria from the surface of your tongue.

Is it ADA approved?

We have been ADA approved, but our ADA seal is not currently active, due to electing not to continue to pay the ADA's annual renewal fees.