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About us 


TriHusLab is an Edutech startup founded by Sruthi Venkatesh, a graduate in Design

for Manufacture (M.Arch) from the world-leading University College London, London.


Ms. Sruthi Venkatesh’s association with multinational companies like Autodesk, Protolabs, Myminifactory, and SelfCAD has given her exposure to state-of-the-art cutting edge technologies and the relevant skillset expertise. She is also a 3D printing ambassador in the global organization, women in 3D printing. She strongly believes that 3D printing is the future and will disrupt the entire manufacturing industry.

3D printing, industrially referred to as additive manufacturing, is the making of solid three dimensional objects from digital design files. From fixing the parts of a broken toy, building architectural marvels, planning entire cities, in the medical field for organ implants and printed prosthetics, spare part manufacturing in automotive industries, gripper production in robotics,  art and jewelry making, to experimenting creative designs in fashion industry,  the applications of 3D printing is endless.

Trihuslab is an initiative by Trihus to educate the common people with disruptive 3D printing technology. We focus on empowering students with the fundamental understanding of 3D printing and modeling. This program is apt for school/college students, hobbyists and artists across all age groups who are interested in stepping into the fascinating world of 3D printing. As part of the course curriculum, the students will become conversant with the software and the required hardware to produce their desired 3D models.

3D Printing is slowly becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives, the same way smartphones were a decade ago. Across various industries, the 3D modeling skill set will soon be compared to what coding is to the digital age. An exposure to 3D modelling in addition to boosting your resume will become a mandatory basic computer skill in the near future. Trihuslab strongly believes that 3D printing will change the entire dynamics of the manufacturing sector and its future prospects make it an essential curriculum for schools and colleges.


Our team of trainers includes highly qualified tutors from professional backgrounds . The cumulative expertise of our trainers spans across various backgrounds including but not limited to designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, architects etc. Our program materials are customized to provide an in-depth understanding of the foundation of 3D Printing technology, hands on practice in basic 3D modeling principles and tools and its applications in various industries.

Trihus aims to make 3D printing a household phrase and 3D Printers an essential gadget much like mobile phones and televisions. To enroll in our 3D printing program or avail other services, please drop a mail at

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